Eileen Booth Holistic Therapies has been established for seventeen years.

Eileen is a highly qualified and experienced Holistic Therapist. She has trained to the highest degree at a number of academies, expanding her skills in different areas of therapy. She has practiced her craft for many years and has a loyal bank of satisfied clients.

Originally drawn to holistic therapies as an alternative way of coping with her own stress and anxiety, Eileen accessed Cognitive Therapy through her GP. The successful cognitive treatment gave her an understanding of 'Why' such issues could occur and enabled her to move forward.

Eileen was encouraged, having been 'identified' as a natural, to explore the way forward by her tutors. An interest in psychology followed, culminating in the highly successful 'Journey Therapy'- a way of taking clients through their emotional layers- to free 'cell memories' that are locked in and which are detrimental to the person's wellbeing. This enables the client to be clear of negative emotions, which makes for a more positive and peaceful life.

Eileen embarked on her highly successful career as a way of helping others. As a practitioner, Eileen intuitively identifies the needs of her clients and treats them accordingly. This communicative 'gift' expresses her love of helping others and gives her extreme competence in all aspects of the chosen therapy. This results in the treatments being calming, soothing and at the same time, uplifting.

"Personally, I have benefited hugely from 'The Journey' process by clearing out many of my own emotional and physical blocks. I love watching people wake up to their true potential. It's such a privilege and a gift to work with such beautiful souls."

Eileen Booth


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