Eileen is Amazing at what she does also very gifted, I went for Reflexology and have never had this treatment before. The fab bit is you receive some Reiki too with the reflexology i have never had this treatment before but afterwards i feel fantastic and Eileen was so welcoming i naturally felt at ease, I've been to Gurus, shamans and healers everyone works in there own way Eileen is one of the best and i cant wait till my next treatment. Leecha Alexandra

I never usually have manicures but wanted to try the new Orly Gel fx, they looked amazing when done and I could carry on with all my daily routine as they don't chip or flake off. A truly wonderful product, also had my toes done ready for my summer holiday :) A great choice of colours, very effective definitely worth a try. Jane Brewer

I have known Eileen Booth for over 10 years, I started having reflexology when I was bedbound with M.E./C.F.S. also an Under Active Thyroid, during this time I also had pedicures, then gradually as I became more mobile, moved onto manicures, waxing and massage, which have all been very beneficial for me. Eileen is always professional, kind, generous and caring. Eileen continues to update her therapies, thereby keeping up with her skills. I always feel much better when I see Eileen for any treatment or therapy as she gives more than just the treatment. I would recommend Eileen and have to family and friends, who are always happy with their visits to her very relaxing therapy room. Shirley

Treatments with Eileen always leave me feeling so relaxed and better within myself. She always makes me feel better about myself. Thank you Pritpal

I went to Eileen at quite a difficult time in my life. Reflexology was recommended to sooth my discomfort and help me to relax. So, if you want some respite from the cares of the day, Eileen Booth Holistic Therapies is the place to be. Her treatments are so calming, soothing and at the same time, uplifting. Eileen intuitively knows the needs of the individual and treats them accordingly. It is an absolutely wonderful experience.

Each Human is alone - But acts of kindness take away our loneliness, When we discover that others are concerned for us. S. J. Rushton

I have been going to Eileen for treatment regularly for about a year and gradually I am feeling fitter and fitter. My indigestion has improved. I am walking further and faster. I look forward to my monthly appointment, if feeling harassed when I go in I come out feeling calm, relaxed and cherished well worth it. M Snowden

I have been a regular client of Eileen Booth Holistic Therapies for many years, always receiving a warm inviting welcome in a very professional environment. I have had a variety of treatments - waxing, pedicures, manicures, facials and massages, all of which I would have no problem in recommending to others. The Top to Toe Rebalancing treatment is a must to help banish day to day stress. I look forward to my monthly visits and could not imagine going anywhere else. If you are thinking of making an appointment, just do it - you won't regret it. Sue

Eileen works with the highest levels of love, sincerity, integrity compassion and understanding when sharing her natural talents and offering her beauty and holistic treatments. Her hands are the touch of Divinity as she takes you to a place of perfect peace, ensuring your total rejuvenation. Enjoy. Vanessa Edwards


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